Double poster post: The Hobbit's giant banner and an Expendables 2 give-away to Comic-Con attendees

The same people that were going to Comic-Con yesterday are still going today. I'm still not one of them. At least I have the consolation that the marketing team behind THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY have forged one big and beautiful banner to rule them all, and there's nothing to stop me from eventually finding a copy and putting it up on my wall. 

Note: these HOBBIT images were actually available yesterday but were then taken and compiled into the more manageable poster form, hence this second write-up.

I've cut the banner in half for a slightly easier viewing experience, but clicking on either part will still take you to our Movie Posters section (where you can view the full version in a somewhat larger capacity). Eagle-eyes readers (so to speak) with a good memory will catch their first glimpse of the Shapeshifter Beorn in the poster as well, so that's a plus.  And speaking of fun extra things, you can click right here for the extra extra large version of this montage-riffic image.

The Hobbit long poster 1st half

The Hobbit long poster 2nd half

Meanwhile, The Expendables are back for war and using this poster to showcase the wide variety of weaponry and undeniable firepower they'll be bringing to said war.

The Expendables 2 comic-con poster

You better watch out, and you better not cry (unless it's from joy), because THE EXPENDABLES 2 is coming to town (and blowing it up) August 17th. I don't know why I thought that a Christmas reference was necessary there, except perhaps in appreciation of Jason Statham, so let's just look some more at THE HOBBIT's Evangeline Lilly.

Evangeline Lilly on the beach

Extra Tidbit: Is there anyone still missing from the Expanded Expendables Universe that you believe needs to be there?



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