Drafthouse Films gets risky with trailer for Dangerous Men

When Drafthouse Films sticks their name on a film, you know you're going to get something unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's going to be different or strange or unique or quirky or bizarre or wild or whatever adjective you want to toss out there to properly describe the films that grab their attention.

DANGEROUS MEN fits perfectly into their vision.

Why, you ask?

Well, the story of how it got made is perhaps worthy of a film of its own. John Rad, an Iranian filmmaker, set out to make a film in 1979... and 26 years later, he finally finished it. Telling the story of a vigilante in Los Angeles, Rad's film has never been shown at more than four theaters, and yet over time, it slowly built a bit of a following among those who were lucky enough to have laid eyes on it.

Rad sadly passed away in 2007, but now his work will finally be able to be consumed by a wide audience and, from the look of the film's trailer, it seems to be a flick that, in the right mood, could easily make for a fun watch.

DANGEROUS MEN opens in theaters on November 13.



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