Dreamworks bringing Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant to life

Roald Dahl was one of my favorite authors growing up, and one that I don't actually mind hearing about when his books are being turned into films. I thought Wes Anderson's FANTASTIC MR. FOX went quite well, and I could see a similar result happening for this next venture.

Dreamworks is taking one of my favorite Dahl books, The BFG, and turning it into a feature film. The letters stand for "Big Friendly Giant" and the book is about a boy who befriends a nice giant, but must combat a host of other larger, meaner, man-eating giants that scoop up humans at night.

Despite what you might initially think, this is not going to Dreamworks animation and will instead be a live action version of the book. I think that the technology is in place to make that work, as I think it's possible to render giants and regular humans together in a way that doesn't look too goofy. That was the least of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS' problems.

The script is being written by ET's Melissa Mathison, but no actors or directors are attached the project yet. Can you think of anyone for the director's chair right off the bat? Anyone who is asking to play a giant? I vote Jason Momoa as one of them.

Extra Tidbit: As I recall, with all the human eating, this was fairly messed up for a kids' book.
Source: The Wrap



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