Dreamworks to bring the video game Need for Speed to the big screen

Looks like the FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise has some competition headed their way.

Dreamworks announced today that they will be bringing a big screen adaptation of NEED FOR SPEED to theaters. The EA video game is one of the largest franchises out there, raking in $4 billion worldwide. That being said, the game is not exactly known for having much of a plot. The draw of the games has generally been the cutting edge graphics and realistic car mechanics.

The games in the NEED FOR SPEED franchise vary from street racing, track racing, and borderline sci-fi style arcade racing. The more recent entries have focused on underground racing and criminal elements. So, essentially, the movie could be about anything that involves cars going really fast.

George and John Gatins developed and wrote the script for the big screen movie which will be directed by ACT OF VALOR's Scott Waugh. Production is to begin next year for a 2014 release.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone remember the Super Nintendo game Earthbound? Now that would make an awesome movie.
Source: Deadline



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