Drew Barrymore will helm The End for Warner Bros.

Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, WHIP IT wasn't too shabby. Now the actress is getting another crack at it with THE END. Warner Bros. just closed the deal giving Barrymore the job of helmer.

The film is meant to take a different direction from the usual apocalypse scenario by focusing on, "several people as they reconcile their fate on the last day of Earth. End is meant to be uplifting and humanistic rather than a downer, a meditation not on death but on life. Among the storylines is a 60-something radio personality in London intent on broadcasting until the end, a father trying to make it through the chaos in Tokyo to reach his wife and baby, and a teenage couple in the American Midwest being pulled in different directions by their families."

Aron Eli Coleite (HEROES) wrote the script. The studio is hoping to get it made with a modest budget.

In addition to THE END, Barrymore will tackle HEIST SOCIETY, also for Warner Bros, and HOW TO BE SINGLE for New Line. She should also be having her first baby within the next few months.

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Source: THR



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