Drew Goddard gives an update on Cloverfield 2

So how's it coming on CLOVERFIELD 2? Before heading out to SXSW to promote his directorial effort, CABIN IN THE WOODS, Drew Goddard offered an update on the sequel to his big monster film.

"I'm in, I'm ready to do it. Someone call J.J. and tell him to get moving, but because Matt and J.J. and I have been fortunate enough to be busy, it's hard syncing our schedules up. We're all very passionate about returning to that world."

Well, do they actually have anything written or planned out? "If you asked each of us what we wanted to do, you'll get three different answers, which is how the first film was. The aesthetic of Cloverfield benefits from that. Three voices pulling it. Look, nothing would make me happier than to get the three of us in the room to get started." He added with a laugh, "But you've got this Star Trek thing..."

As Goddard noted, Abrams is off doing his "Star Trek" thing and as for CLOVERFIELD director, Matt Reeves, he's got a few things going on. One of them is an adaptation of the vampire novel, THE PASSAGE.

The Shock Til Ya Drop correspondent then told the writer/director that he was happy that CLOVERFIELD was not only a cool monster movie but a terrific love story as well. Goddard responded by saying, "I'm happy you said that, because I don't normally hear that. It's certainly what I think of it as, it's a love letter to my wife."

Source: STYD



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