Drift, Sqweeks and Crosshairs are rolled-out in new Transformers promo pics

Have you been wondering what some of the Autobots from TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT will look like? Have you been waiting patiently in a dark room while sitting in a worn easy chair, staring into the blackness? Don’t worry, folks, the wait is over. And not only are you getting one image, you’re getting three.

Over the weekend, the TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Twitter page spent each day putting out images of one new robot and a very, very small bio for each. The images they released are of Drift, Sqweeks and Crosshairs. Sqweeks is the newest addition to the bunch, making his debut in LAST KNIGHT.

Look at the machinery below!

What impresses me the most is (aside from using the word "impresses" in a TRANSFORMERS piece) that the header image shows Sqweeks, but as a real-life robot, not some CGI hack job. It looks like something out of STAR WARS. Hopefully that means Bay and his team are apporaching the series with a more grounded mentality, knowing that if this one fails the series is done. That being said, obviously these images are of the lower-shelf Transformers, at least as the movie realm is concerned. Of course, what many fans will be waiting on is a full, detailed, 4K, high-res image of a major robot, Like Megatron or Optimus Prime. That’s where the money is. Meanwhile, back to the darkness.

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT rolls-out June 23, 2017 with Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Hopkins, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel and directed by Michael Bay and be sure to check out our exclusive scoop on the plot and story details of the film.

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