Duncan Jones' doodle reveals what really happened in Source Code

Obviously this whole post is a spoiler, so shut your eyes and unplug your computer before you start reading anything you don't want to know.

I very much enjoyed SOURCE CODE, more than I anticipated, and though I liked the movie itself, my favorite part might have been the hour long conversation I had with my roommate afterwards attempting to unravel the entire plot.

It's a complex story of not-quite time travel, and the alternate realities and splintering timelines can be hard to follow.

The image below is directly from Jones and shows what his intention was for the timelines. It's a bit hard to follow in itself, but if you can, it should reveal the true events and timing of the film.

What do you think? What were you own theories about the events of the film at the time? Click to make it bigger over on Twitter.

Extra Tidbit: I'd have to watch the movie again to start effectively debating it I feel.
Source: Twitter



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