Duncan Jones shows dark future of Mute where David Hasselhoff is on currency

You know, I really respected what Duncan Jones was trying to accomplish with his last film, WARCRAFT. While I don't feel it was successful, I admired the risks he took, like showing war from both sides, keeping the goofy designs of the Orcs from the game intact, and being truthful to the game's lore rather than dismissing it like most videogame adaptations do. Again, I didn't like the film, but I can't deny its ambition.

Anyway, that's all to say that no matter what, I'm still excited for Duncan Jones' new sci-fi noir film MUTE. The film is about a mute man (Alexander Skarsgard) who must find his lost love in a seedy urban underbelly with the help of a wise-cracking surgeon (Paul Rudd), who might be more than he seems...

Now, while the recent photos show off a pretty sci-fi world - if maybe a bit overly evocative of BLADE RUNNER - Jones recently tweeted a new photo that reveals an off-beat, and fun detail that may pay off in the film (or could just be a cool easter egg):

Besides David Hasselhoff on the 10 (which the crew apparently described as "Hoffs", and had to monitored so crew members and extras didn't steal them), the rest of the people on the currency are: Karl Marx on the 500, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the 100, and iconic supermodel Claudia Schiffer on the 20.

Honestly this makes me way more curious about the film, as I want to know what happened to the world that allowed David Hasselhoff to be on national currency. I imagine it was awesome.

Either way, MUTE will be streaming on Netflix, though no solid release date has been confirmed.

Extra Tidbit: WARCRAFT, despite being a major bomb in the US, is one of the most financially successful videogame adaptations ever, if accounting for foreign box-office.
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