Dunkirk turned into a silent film in fan re-edit

What helps make DUNKIRK such a jaw-dropping, epic piece of cinema is how little of it relies on dialogue, instead utilizing the power of pure visual storytelling. You don’t hear soldiers talking about their struggles or how hard it is for them to get off the beach – you see it and feel it. They try to get boats off the beach only to be bested by waves; fliers drop from the sky from the enemy that say they have them surrounded and; dead bodies line the sand and drift in the sea. Christopher Nolan said he was inspired by the power of silent films in making the movie, and the YouTube channel Like Stories of Old has taken the movie and re-edited it as an 8-minute silent film. Like films of the silent era, the action is sped up and music fills every frame, but the visual scope remains very much intact. The movie’s power isn’t diminished, and the video reaffirms Nolan as a master of the medium and proves DUNKIRK is a true modern masterpiece. 

DUNKIRK is out on Blu-ray now!



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