Dushku's Valediction

One of the highlights of my week will be trawling over pictures of Eliza Dushku, so I might as well put that shit to good use. She's been talking to MTV about her new "contemporary psychological thriller", VALEDICTION, which also stars Ben Barnes from PRINCE CASPIAN. And that gives us a great excuse to check her out. Also, turns out I love great excuses.

We can now report that the film centers around a car accident that a dude called Josh (Barnes) has which leaves his daughter Brooke in a coma. Eliza plays Renee, Josh’s former co-worker with whom he has had an affair. Josh has since settled down with his wife (Sarah Roemer) and daughter and has begun to feel trapped by his life when suddenly Dushku reenters it, and the car crash happens. Here's what she said about it:

“It’s about this young couple and they have a 6-year-old daughter, seemingly in a coma, but [they learn] she’s actually alive and fully living out in her brain, but is just in this locked-in state... So he’s trying to have his daughter wake up from this traumatic experience.”

Here's a question: why in the movies, is the girl the sensible guy left to settle down, always a god damn fire cracker? This would never happen in real life, especially not if the chick in question looks like Eliza Dushku. Nations have waged war over lesser beauties. Hell, there's a war being waged over her right now. In my pants. I'm not sure if it comes over well that she gets me hot, but that's what I mean with that.

Extra Tidbit: I remember reading somewhere that Dushku had a thing for dudes with tattoos. Well I HAVE THREE, NO BIG DEAL, JUST SAYING, OK??
Source: MTV



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