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The Grudge 2 - February 6

Can we put the nail in the coffin with these horror-ble remake of Japanese flicks? Just because some people are too lazy to read subtitles doesn't mean studios have to remake every friggin' horror movie. Two versions of the DVD will be released, a Rated (102 mins) and Unrated Edition (108 mins). The rated edition will include an East Meets West featurette, a Grudge 2: Storyline Development featurette, a Ready When You Are, Mr. Shimizu featurette, a Reel Change Montage, and some deleted scenes. The Unrated edition also includes those specs with a Tales From the Grudge with Sam Raimi Introduction, and a Holding a Grudge: Kayako & Toshio feature. Cover art to follow.

"...um....is it Mom?.....Dad?......the undead girl?..."

The Departed - February

It's kinda odd knowing that Brad Pitt produced THE DEPARTED, because he's such a blockbuster mega star. You can imagine Leo DiCaprio saying, "I gotta work with Brad Pitt? F*ck!" and then Matt Damon saying, "I gotta work with Leo? F*ck!" And then Jack Nicholson's all like, "I gotta work? F*ck!" No details on special features or cover art have been released, but keep checking back here as they arrive. Please? I love you.

"Where the f*ck is Ringo, you bitch?"

Marie Antoinette - February 13

Want to enlighten me on Marie Antoinette? Please do so, I have no problem taking history lessons from complete strangers, mostly because I love you guys/gals. To me she's the 18th century Paris Hilton, only with way bigger dresses. That's hot. Stay tuned for artwork and special feature details.

"...this little whoor went to the market, this little whoor stayed home...."

The Hannibal Collection - January 30

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the upcoming special edition of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Today we have the artwork for that and an upcoming THE HANNIBAL LECTER COLLECTION to be release the same day. The three-disc set includes MANHUNTER, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and HANNIBAL. The retail price for this collection is $29.98 so it's highly possible the DVDs will be a bare bones edition. Below are the specs reprinted for your convenience because I love you.

New Bonus Material:

  • The Silence of the Lambs: Page to Screen - Two part documentary
    • A Wealth of Talent
    • Preparation and Authenticity
  • Three part documentary with director Jonathan Demme and Jodie Foster
    • The Beginning
    • Making The Silence of the Lambs
    • Breaking the Silence
  • Scoring the Silence - Featurette
Extras included from prior DVD release:
  • Inside the Labyrinth - Making of Documentary
  • 20 minutes of deleted scenes
  • Outtake reel
  • Photo Gallery
  • Anthony Hopkins' "Hannibal" phone message
  • Theatrical Teaser and Trailer

Caption Contest Winner!!!

The submissions came in f*cking DROVES this time with over 75 entries for the contest. Way to go people! Not only does JoBlo.com have some of the funniest and most loyal movie fans, I had no idea most of our readers were Jewish, as 90% of the submissions referenced our kosher friends.

Anyway, the judges--consisting of the cast from the way off Broadway stage show, APOCALYPTO NOW--have chosen Daniel Eash of Pennsylvania (which is next to Castlevania) for winning the contest. Congrats, Dan!

“Nice try you two. But my white friend and I are trying to make a movie. Now get off my set. Go. Shoo.”


Miami Vice (Unrated) - Out Today!!!

The first thing a lot of people noticed about the upcoming MIAMI VICE DVD was the horrible cover art. I mean it looks like my dog photoshopped it (he's talented). I guess maybe we as the consumer are expecting too much when it comes to buying DVDs. It has to have great artwork, it has to have stocked extras, it has to be stolen to be really appreciated. Maybe we're losing sight of what really matters: the movie itself, not the packaging. Oh yeah, the movie sucked, I forgot. Jason Adams reviewed the UNRATED edition RIGHT HERE, so see what he had to say about it. Buy it HERE

Rocky (CE) - Out Now!!!

From what I've seen of the upcoming ROCKY BALBOA, I think it has the potential to be one of the best movies of the year. Let's forget Rocky 4 and 5 even happened (not a fan of Drago), and pick up from Rocky 3: Rocky's beat another big black dude, but has fallen off the boxing radar in the twenty or so years after that. Now he's old, widowed, and his son is a preppy, talk about hitting rock bottom! All that aside, our very own Quigles reviewed the collector's edition of the one that started it all RIGHT HERE. Buy that shit HERE.

Talladega Nights (SE) - Out This Minute!!!

"Is very nice!" Oh, wrong movie? Sacha Baron Cohen seems to be on a roll lately. Well, if that roll includes everybody in America and Europe suing him. Then he's REALLY on a roll. Cohen plays a gay race car driver that is in no way based on Jeff Gordon, who's VERY heterosexual. Oh yeah, Will Ferrell's in this too. Sturdy scoped this Unrated Edition out, which you can read HERE. Buy the flick HERE.


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