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Casino Royale - March 13

He's blonde, very blonde. Apparently, all of the negative, pre-release hype of a "blonde, beefcake" Bond turned out to be much ado about nada, as the flick was well received both critically and by Bond fans. This is the type of Bond flick that Pierce Brosnan should've been given, although GOLDENEYE was pretty good.


  • 2.40:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English & Spanish DD5.1 Surround
  • French Dolby Surround
  • English, French & Spanish subtitles
  • Becoming Bond -- An intimate look at how Daniel Craig stepped into the role of the 6th James Bond
  • Bond Girls Are Forever -- A closer look at Bond's Leading Ladies
  • James Bond: For Real Documentary
  • Chris Cornell Music Video, "You Know My Name"

Night at the Museum - March 6

This looked like the Robin Williams' vehicle JUMANJI, only with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Do these guy have contractual obligations to star in each other's flicks? NIGHT will have a single-disc edition with a Ben Stiller/Director Commentary and Writer/Producer Commentary tracks and also a 2-Disc Special Edition with deleted scenes, featurettes, blooper reel, Making of Night at the Museum and Reunite with Rexy Game (DVD-ROM). Oh, sexy Rexy, you slay me.

Single Disc Edition

Special Edition

For Your Consideration - February 20

Christopher Guest and the gang are back, this time focusing on the cast and crew of a small independent film whose latest project garners major award buzz. Does it live up to Guest's prior efforts? Strike back below. And speaking of being contractually obligated, how about Eugene Levy being contractually obligated to only appear in Christopher Guest films?

Little Children - April 24

Kate Winslet? Jennifer Connelly? The possibility of some bare skin goodness? Well, I just may have to take a "bullet" and watch this with the ol' ball and chain. Oh and speaking of bare, there will be no extras on this release and has an SRP of $27.95. Yowza.


Factotum - Out Today!!!

Fans of Charles Bukowski love BARFLY, a great adaptation of his work that stars Mickey Rourke (as Bukowski's alter ego, Harry Chinaski) and was made some time in the eighties. To most, Bukowski is an old, cynical alcoholic with a penchant for dirty bars and dirtier girls. For fans of Bukowski, there's a poetry to his tales of drinking until you pass out and waking up throwing up your liver. And then drinking another beer. FACTOTUM is based off Bukowski's novel of the same name with Matt Dillon taking the reins as the aging alcoholic. Read Sturdy's review of the DVDHERE. Buy it HERE

A Scanner Darkly - Out Now!!!

Some people (like your friends or Mom) say that drugs enhance the effect of watching a certain movie (like PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL or SCHINDLER'S LIST) but there are some flicks that need to be watched with a clear mind in order to take in all the details. Like a trippy rendering of Winona Ryder's massive boobage. You can only appreciate that with a clear head (no pun intended, really). Our very own Scott Weinberg, reviewed Richard Linklater's adaption of the novel by Phillip K. Dick HERE , and had some good things to say about it. After reading the review, head on over HERE to buy it.

All the King's Men - Out Now!!!

Ahhh, Sean Penn. I can rant about the guy and why all of the sudden news organizations are treating him as an authoratorial voice on the world but even I get sick of ranting about it myself. Every time he's on CNN, I half expect Horseshack or Otto from the Simpsons to come on and give his view on the state of the world. Matthew Plale scoped out Penn's latest scream-fest which you can read HERE. If you disagree with my view of Sean Penn, then buy the DVD HERE.


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