Dwayne Johnson thinks DC's Shazam! could arrive early

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Back in October Warner Bros. unveiled the awesome slate of upcoming DC movies and dated SHAZAM! for April 2019. That's a long wait for any movie, and when you have a bright star already attached, the one and only Dwayne Johnson, maybe moving things along a little quicker wouldn't hurt. That’s what Johnson suggested recently at the Academy Awards when he was asked about the movie. And just like Arnold talking about TERMINATOR sequels, this of course is not official until the studio says so.

Here’s what Johnson said to MTV:

“It may happen a little earlier than what has been predicted. The script is coming in, it’s great, the support from the studio has been great, and it’s just a great opportunity especially with Black Adam where you can take a guy who starts off as a bad guy, turns into an anti-hero, we can make him vicious, a little bit of winking charm.”

shazam 2019

Well that sounds promising, right? Thinks are moving along nicely with SHAZAM! so it would be nice to get the movie sooner than initially slated, a rare treat in Hollywood. Of course, other movies were set around that movies release, so some shuffling may have to take place, but that’s not rare. Now if only we knew how well THE FLASH was doing, are things moving fast there as well? Are obvious puns just as bad as subtle ones?

Here’s the video if you want to see how a suit should fit:

Source: MTV



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