Embrace the waves with new Moana poster; New trailer on Thursday

Bless Dwayne Johnson as our Savior, as we give thanks for our daily bounty of…oh, hey there. You just caught me giving thanks to our Lord and Savior Dwayne Johnson, who bestows upon us movie goodies via his on-point social media game. Whether it be about an on-set feud or casting news, the Almighty always graces us with plenty to be thankful for. I pray today because, yet again, he has graced us with something special.

Johnson took to his Twitter account to give us not only a new poster for upcoming Disney hit MOANA, but also gave us an update for when we will get to see the next trailer for the flick:

As Johnson stated he will be debuting the new trailer for ocean-centric adventure on Thursday while on Good Morning America, so luckily we don't have to wait to watch it on Good Afternoon America, or the much less popular Good Mid-Evening America.

It’s been a few months since we got a new full-length trailer for the movie, and seemingly even longer since we got a new poster, so this week is going to be great for anyone anticipating the newest animated adventure. Recently some concept art was released, but other than that Disney has been light on giving us anything else. But do they really need to? This movie will basically promote itself. Put that little pig on a poster with nothing else and the movie will make $300 million. But thanks to the promoting power of Johnson we don't have to settle for only hog-related advertising, and that is why we praise him. Praise him!

MOANA graces the seas November 23.

Source: Twitter



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