EA releases featurette focusing on the story of Star Wars: Battlefront II

I've always found it interesting when stories peek behind the curtain of the bad guys in popular movies, comics, or television shows. Usually it's satirical (like THE VENTURE BROTHERS), but sometimes - like in a lot of Batman stories - we get a deep sense of the antagonists and what makes them tick (and sometimes the fact we being to sympathize with them makes them even scarier).

Anyway, I find it cool that we'll be given a focus on the Empire in this particular BATTLEFRONT sequel (even though in multiplayer you can still play on both sides). This won't be the first time - the excellent flight simulator TIE-FIGHTER preceding it - but it's still cool nonetheless. However, it is surprising just how little we know of the day-to-day grind behind the organization - at least with STAR WARS in particular, due to all the ancillary novels, comics, toys, etc. where everything has such extensive (and unnecessary) backstories. Even that blue elephant guy has a 10,000 Wookieepedia entry!

So, without further ado, here's a featurette showing off how the team at EA is going about telling this particular story:

Meanwhile, STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II will hit consoles and PC November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: What heroes do you guys like playing as? Or do you prefer to stay grunts?
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