Early reactions to Star Trek Beyond are out of this world

When it comes to a franchise like STAR TREK, anything less than (inter)stellar is not acceptable. Thankfully, the last two installments, STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS have gone over smoothly with fans and critics alike, delivering two of the best films in the whole cinematic series.

Now with only a week to go before the release of the highly-anticipated third entry, STAR TREK BEYOND, many are clamoring to hear what people have to say. Considering some shakeups behind the camera and the abysmal reception to the first trailer some may have dire need to have their questions answered. Is it bad? Is it good? Is this the end of the series? Should I see it?! I need guidance!

But fear not, as some lucky folks have gotten to see the movie, and have graced Twitter with their responses.

Although, you can't please everyone...

Though I myself can't help but feel doubtful about these “early reactions” (see BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN and FANTASTIC FOUR), most of the time they do end up representing the overall consensus once the bulk of reviews come in. That being said, these early audience reviews mean we can expect a fun, hilarious and emotional space adventure. I mean, these people don’t have reason to lie, right? Unless they were promised real laser guns in exchange for a positive tweet. Jeez, they just give those things away nowadays.

STAR TREK BEYOND warps into theaters July 22, but in the meantime check out our forecast of the movie below!

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