Eclipse Date Set

After watching tonight's Oscars, I finally get why everyone is so obsessed with TWILIGHT'S Robert Pattinson. The guy looks and acts like a cool dude, he's deadly handsome, and he has a British accent. If I wasn't so into massive breasts, ladies, you might have some competition on your hands.

Hopefully one day he'll graduate from these vampire flicks, and become a real actor. Until then, we just have to wait. But the way the studio keeps churning these films out means not much more blood sucking for Mr. Pattinson. NEW MOON, the next installment of the franchise hasn't even started production and already THE TWILIGHT SAGA'S ECLIPSE has been greenlit and been given a release date of June 30th 2010. Robert I know it's probably killing you to be stuck in this fluffy series, but just get them out of the way and then you can join the ranks of Hollywood's finest. Patience my firend, patience.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Robert and Kristen Stewart are banging?
Source: Variety



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