Ed Harris in talks to join Dwayne Johnson in Michael Bay's Pain and Gain

Michael Bay has been developing PAIN AND GAIN for a few years now and it looks like it may finally go before the lens.

The story centers on a group of bumbling bodybuilders in Miami who plot to kidnap and rob a wealthy businessman. When the crime goes awry, the wealthy businessman left for dead returns to exact revenge on the bodybuilding thugs with the help of a private investigator.

In a recent press junket for JOURNEY 2, Dwayne Johnson assured that PAIN AND GAIN was "on the right track."  Paramount and Spielberg both want Bay back for a fourth TRANSFORMERS film and it's believed that this project could be the "bait" that hooks him to return to the franchise.

PAIN AND GAIN is being described as "Michael Bay's FARGO," which is a pretty bold statement.  Imagine Michael Bay actually directing FARGO.  Just let your imagination go.  Marge is now played by Megan Fox, who is no longer pregnant and also a former supermodel-turned-small-town cop.  William H. Macy is replaced by William Fichtner, and Steve Buscemi stays the same.  Every shootout is extended by at least five minutes.  Holy shit...I'm starting to like the idea...I better stop now.

PAIN AND GAIN is going to start picking up heavy things and setting them down in the Spring, with a release date set at a much later date.


Extra Tidbit: Michael Bay's Fargo: Cast it with story details.
Source: Vulture



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