Ed Helms is an infomercial star in trailer for The Clapper

"What you're telling me is...goodbye conventional hammer?"

Infomercials are great, provided you're in the mood for them. From watching people completely fail at everyday tasks to the Oscar-worthy performances of the audience members, they're an incredible source of entertainment, even if you don't completely buy the product they're pitching. In Dito Montiel's THE CLAPPER, Ed Helms stars as Eddie Krumble, a man who moves to Los Angeles looking for a fresh start and becomes a professional paid audience member for infomercials and other live studio tapings along with his best friend Chris (Tracy Morgan). After a lifetime of drawing the short straw, Eddie seems to have finally caught a break as he forms a bond with winsome gas station attendant, Judy (Amanda Seyfried). But when Eddie’s many disguises and telegenic enthusiasm catch the eye of a notorious late night talk show host (Russell Peters) and his producer (Adam Levine), they turn Eddie’s life into the newest national obsession, threatening his budding romance.

Despite the presence of Amanda Seyfried, the recently released trailer for THE CLAPPER didn't do a whole lot for me, but I'll admit to having a giggle at the appearance of a crazed looking Vince Offer (the Sham-Wow guy) during the opening.

THE CLAPPER will be released in theaters and VOD on January 26, 2018.



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