Ed Helms wants a kiss from a rose in the new trailer for Vacation

Last month, the red band trailer for the new VACATION dropped like Thor's hammer and the reception was better than expected. The comedy, while likely not to match the classic Chevy Chase original, looks like it could be an enjoyable adult comedy right in the middle of the summer movie season.

The new green band trailer has been released and it is full of all new footage from the film including multiple gags involving Rusty Griswold's Albanian mini-van. The opening joke involves Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" which ends in a very unexpected manner. Overall, this movie feels like less VACATION and more like WE'RE THE MILLERS, but since I enjoyed that movie I am willing to give this one a shot.

The trouble with any sort of comedy these days is the gags all being crammed into the trailer. Since we have now had two different trailers, both featuring almost entirely different scenes from the film, I am optimistic this movie still has more up it's sleeve. Hopefully the studio doesn't reveal too many more jokes before it hits screens next month.

VACATION hits theaters on July 29th.

"We're the Griswolds, you piece of ass!"

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