Edgar Ramirez has been talking about Doctor Strange with Scott Derrickson

In an interview with IGN, Edgar Ramirez revealed he's had conversations with his DELIVER US FROM EVIL director Scott Derrickson about a role in DOCTOR STRANGE. The site wanted to know if Derrickson has spoke with Ramirez about possibly starring in Marvel's upcoming film, and the actor said "We're talking. We've been talking."

Edgar Ramirez wouldn't say if the part in question is Doctor Strange, and obviously talking to the director is a little different from actually negotiating with a studio, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ramirez does end up appearing in DOCTOR STRANGE.

While some believe Edgar Ramirez is being considered to play the Sorcerer Supreme himself, I think it's more likely his talks with Scott Derrickson have been about a different character, possibly the villain. Ramirez isn't as big of a name as the others (Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch) rumored to be on Marvel's wish list, but I suppose there is a chance his talks with Scott Derrickson have been about playing Doctor Strange. What character would you like to see Edgar Ramirez play in DOCTOR STRANGE?

Scott Derrickson and Edgar Ramirez's DELIVER US FROM EVIL will open on July 2, 2014.

Source: IGN



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