Edgar Wright just wrapped on directing a test reel for Ant-Man

With all the latest chat on Edgar Wright finally getting around to the ANT-MAN movie, I've learned two things-- you are either in the camp that thinks it's lame or you are a long time fan ready to see the hero take the leap to the big screen. For those of you in the second group, you'll be happy to hear this news.

It seems that right under our very noses Wright has directed a test reel for ANT-MAN. This very month, the director shot some footage in under a week to test out the potential look and tone of the movie, and to see if the hero's powers were convincing onscreen. Let us lead the ant army! Obviously, test reels are not a new thing to directors who want to try out a concept to sort out some problems in order to see if the project will work out in the end. Probably a good decision before you invest millions of dollars into something that might suck total ass. I'm thinking of one Marvel project in particular, but won't name any names. I'm betting the script is an interesting read since Wright co-wrote with Joe Cornish.

For those of you still wetting yourselves hoping that Nathan Fillion will play the title role, you might want to stop that habit altogether since the actor finds the hero lame. This is what he had to say on the topic when it was brought up after a screening of SERENITY in May: "...did you ever just love Ant-Man? (Dramatic pause)... Not me. How lame it would be to lead an army of ants and started to pretend to pick and spit ants out of his mouth."

So there you have it. Will it work out? Who will they get to play the lead? All of these questions will soon be answered, my little ones.

Source: THR



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