Edgar Wright's Ant-man could hit theaters in 2014

Back when Edgar Wright showed his ANT-MAN test footage at Comic Con, it was confirmed to be coming soon but did not have a release date. It looks like that release date could be sooner than we thought.

Latino Review has learned that when THOR: THE DARK WORLD wraps shooting in London, ANT-MAN will begin shooting right after. THOR: THE DARK WORLD is scheduled to begin shooting in London this month, so that means ANT-MAN will be starting very soon.

So, what does that mean for THE WORLD'S END? According to Latino Review, It would appear the race is on to get Edgar Wright’s ‘The World’s End’ into production if Marvel is expecting him to slide into London come late spring/early summer 2013. The Simon Pegg/Nick Frost trilogy capper would likely face a schedule where post-production had some serious overlap with pre-production on ‘Ant-Man,’ but that’s just speculation.

Whether this tight schedule pans out or not, it does look like we may be getting more Marvel movies every year. This could also bode well for ANT-MAN's inclusion in THE AVENGERS 2.

The screenplay for ANT-MAN was written by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish (ATTACK THE BLOCK). I hope this ends up being true, because it would instantly jump to my most anticipated superhero movie that year.

Extra Tidbit: If you had to pick one project for Edgar Wright, would it be THE WORLD'S END or ANT-MAN?
Source: Latino Review



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