Eliza Dushku to lead David Goyer's The Black Company fantasy TV series

With so many comic book properties being optioned all the time, it's no wonder that Hollywood is also looking to gobble up any and all promising fantasy-based prose series like GAME OF THRONES, Robert Jordan's THE WHEEL OF TIME, or THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: SHADOWHUNTERS. Today, it's been confirmed that IM Global Television will be developing a television series based on Glen Cook's Garrett P.I. series THE BLACK COMPANY. Joining IM GLobal Television for the project will be Eliza Dushku's Boston Diva Productions and David Goyer's Phantom Four. Additionally, Dushku is also set to star in the project as a dark sorceress named The Lady, which should prove to excite both DOLLHOUSE and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER fans who've missed the days of when the brunette badass (Dushku) used to tango with the supernatural.

Reportedly, Boston Diva Productions has optioned the ten-book fantasy action saga, as well as the forthcoming book, Port of Shadows, which is scheduled for release by Tor books sometime in 2018. For those of you who've not read the series, the Garrett P.I. books tell the on-going tale of the Black Company, an elite mercenary unit that carries out the often nefarious deeds of the highest bidder across a Tolkeinesque landscape. When these hard-bitten men discover the prophecy that the embodiment of good has been reborn, they must re-examine their loyalties. The Lady (Dushku), who rules over the Northern Empire, uses the Black Company to further her domination of a power structure rife with usurpers.

In talking about the project, IM Global Television President Mark Stern stated, "Glen Cook’s books turn the traditional fantasy adventure tropes on their ear with wry, dimensional characters and a modern sensibility. We’re excited to explore this intricate and exciting world for television with David and Kevin along with Eliza, Nate, Ami and Sam."

In addition to Stern's remarks, Dushku has said, "The Black Company is vast in scope yet remains fundamentally relevant through the morally ambiguous choices it presents at every turn. We are excited to bring Glen Cook’s classic story to life with Mark and David, luminaries in the cinematic pursuit of science fiction and epic fantasy, who will inevitably assemble poignant characters embroiled in jaw-dropping action."

I don't know about you all, but I'm in. It's been a long time since I've caught Dushku in anything at all and I'm finding her excitement for this project to be rather infectious. Additional casting for the program is expected to be announced soon.

Extra Tidbit: Dushku used to constantly get fan mail from prison inmates on death row.



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