Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes join TV's Wonder Woman

We probably won’t see her in a film for five years, but Wonder Woman is coming to TV. It was a bit head-scratching when Friday Night Light’s Adrianne Palicki was cast in the titular role, but now the rest of the cast is rounding out as well.

Elizabeth Hurley has signed on to play Veronica Cale, an evil scientist and business rival to Diana, and Carey Elwes has joined up as Henry Detmer, the acting CEO of Themyscira Industries. He acts like an uncle to Diana, but it’s possible he could be a love interest down the line. Ew.

Elwes hasn’t been on TV consistently since X-Files, and I haven’t heard much from Hurley in years. I would have thought she’d have been a candidate for Wonder Woman herself a few years ago with that figure.

I have a bad feeling about this show. I’m sure they’re going to try their best, but I just don’t know if the character can work in the modern era. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I just don’t see invisible jets and magic lassos impressing today’s audiences unless the show is executed perfectly.

Extra Tidbit: JLA movie in what, 2020 maybe?
Source: DeadlineDeadbolt



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