Elliot in Rambo 4?

RAMBO 4 (or JOHN RAMBO or whatever it'll be titled) is gearing up for production in April, but (ignoring the oft-erroneous IMDB listings) we haven't heard much by way of official casting. Now we hear that Western regular Sam Elliot may apparently be assisting Stallone's former Green Beret with his familiar drawl and masterful mustache.

An LA-based actor auditioned for a role as a young mercenary in the flick, and claims that aside from the previously announced Matt Marsden and an unknown actor named Sai Mawng as the villain, Elliot just joined up this week.

The new movie finds Stallone again directing himself as the old soldier, this time aiding persecuted Burmese residents and rescuing captured missionaries from local warlords, which will no doubt require bullets, blades and possibly explosive-tipped arrows. And, apparently, the "cooler" skills of Wade Garrett.
Extra Tidbit: Elliot has appeared in two Marvel movies (HULK and GHOST RIDER), but will reportedly be recast along with Eric Bana and all the other actors for the HULK sequel.



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