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FINALLY the first "real" teaser trailer for the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET redo hit the net this weekend, courtesy of MySpace (that place is good for something after all...) and I have to say I'm really torn about this, so I'm curious to know what you guys will think of it.

On the plus side, there's has an appearance by Clancy Brown and that is ALWAYS good, although he probably won't have that big a role. BUT a few things have me cringing, among others the fact that somebody seems to have forgotten a hot potato in Jackie Earl Haley's mouth. Oh, and we get a glimpse at Freddy's face - kinda looks a little like the new Michael Myers...

I'm still on the up side of this thing if only for Haley whose comeback I hail as even greater then Travolta in PULP FICTION, but... Here's that thing right down there. Let's see what y'all think.

Extra Tidbit: I still can't picture Clancy Brown voicing Mr. Krabs. Does a kick-ass job, I just can't imagine him doing it.
Source: MySpace



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