Elongated Man to appear on CW's The Flash series

So it looks like Elongated Man - the lame version of Plastic Man - is going to guest-star on the fourth season of CW's THE FLASH series. For those unaware, Elongated Man is a Private Investigator named Ralph Dibny who - alongside his wife Sue - solve crimes and stop villains, often alongside The Flash in the comics. So it's nice that he's getting his due on The Flash's own show.

I actually think this is cool news. While I haven't watched a lot of the CW DC stuff, I do appreciate how weird and Silver Age-y they're allowing themselves to be. And while stretchy powers aren't the easiest visual effect to pull off, it isn't as costly as a giant CG gorilla (who turned out alright on the show), so at least it should be good. He'll be played by Hartley Sawyer (SAVING THE HUMAN RACE) in a recurring role.

Meanwhile, THE FLASH will sprint to the CW October 10th.

Extra Tidbit: The Elongated Man was the focus of the (in my opinion) awful IDENTITY CRISIS arc.
Source: EW



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