Embark on a trip back to Westworld with a gallery of photos from Season 2

With the final season of HBO's GAME OF THRONES not set to arrive until sometime in 2019, many fans of the sci-fi fantasy genre are looking to the return of WESTWORLD to help satiate their twitch-inducing withdrawal from top-tier televised escapism.

Recently, WESTWORLD creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan discussed several details about the show's upcoming season with Entertainment Weekly, as part of a featured spread that fans can find in the latest issue of the outlet's popular entertainment magazine. If you recall, when we last left the wondrous WESTWORLD grounds, a revolution had begun after the park's hosts were freed from their pre-programmed prison - allowing them to think, act, and exact revenge against their human oppressors.

As the second season opens, fans will find Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) leading the charge toward a better tomorrow for her fellow A.I. brethren. The rub is that their efforts will not go unchallenged, as a posse of flesh-and-blood humans are looking to shut the rebellion down, and restore the park to its former, lucrative glory.

Ah, but there's a catch to just how many hosts are willing to participate in Dolores' movement. As Lisa Joy tells it, “The hosts are now literally able to define themselves. But the question is: How far are you willing to go until you become a reflection of the evil you’re trying to fight?” Oh my, that certainly is a conundrum if I ever did hear one. Is violence ever truly the answer? Is doing harm to your fellow man in the interest of peace hypocritical?

Joy also says that there's one host, Maeve (Thandie Newton), who may want more than something as simple as revenge. Upon entering the sophomore season of HBO's sci-fi series, we find Maeve piecing together parts of her broken past, as she sets out to discover what really happened to the daughter she lost for what feels to her like so long ago.

It's also being said that The Man in Black (Ed Harris) will embark on a new mission during the events of Season 2. While many would assume that his first priority would be to put a stop to Dolores' revolution, those people would be dead wrong. In fact, EW says that “an all-new Rubik’s Cube narrative puzzle box for viewers to attempt to solve.”

Now, while we're waiting for answers to all of our burning questions, why don't you enjoy some glorious new stills from WESTWORLD Season 2 courtesy of Entertainment Weekly's extensive coverage?

WESTWORLD Season 2 will premiere on April 22nd on HBO.



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