Emily Blunt & Dwayne Johnson bid farewell to Jungle Cruise in wrap video

Just days after posting the first photo from HOBBS & SHAW, the upcoming FAST & FURIOUS spin-off, Dwayne Johnson has released a video in which he and Emily Blunt bid farewell to the production of JUNGLE CRUISE, all while tossing their caps to the hard-working crew and Walt Disney himself. The Disney film will find Johnson playing a boat captain who takes a sister (Emily Blunt) and her brother (Jack Whitehall) on a mission to find a tree believed to possess remarkable healing powers. Along the way they'll have to deal with wild animals as well as a rival German expedition who are also seeking the same treasure.

In an Instagram post of the JUNGLE CRUISE wrap video, Dwayne Johnson said:

Walt Disney, this one’s for you buddy. It’s very bittersweet to have something so uniquely special come to an end — but myself and my one and only virtuoso, Emily Blunt proudly say, that’s an official wrap of our epic DISNEY’S JUNGLE CRUISE. From deep in my bones, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who invested their time and talents into making this movie a dream come true.

The JUNGLE CRUISE ride was Walt Disney’s proud creation and has gone on to impact generations and bring pure joy and fun to families worldwide. We hope to deliver and make his spirit proud. Until then, I raise a glass of fine tequila to my lady, Emily aka “Pants” and our entire production crew, brilliant filmmakers and Disney family... cheers to the adventure of a lifetime. Cheers, to JUNGLE CRUISE.

In addition to Dwayne Johnson (SKYSCRAPER), Emily Blunt (MARY POPPINS RETURNS), and Jack Whitehall (Bad Education), JUNGLE CRUISE will also star Edgar Ramirez (The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story), Jesse Plemons (GAME NIGHT), and Paul Giamatti (Billions). Disney seems to be hoping that the film will turn into a possible franchise much like PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, and Johnson has previously teased JUNGLE CRUISE is a "full on adventure. Think Indiana Jones — those kinds of adventures. I’m very, very excited about it," adding "This is where I really started to understand the power of Disney, just in terms of the deep dives that they do with their projects — with all of their projects, because obviously they’re a studio and publicly traded, but specifically with projects like this where it’s based off a ride and based off an beloved attraction, like Pirates [of the Caribbean], so, so much goes into the work. And it’s so exciting."

JUNGLE CRUISE is slated for a October 11, 2019 release.

Source: Walt Disney



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