Emma Stone channels Steve Martin in Planes, Trains & Automobiles rant

Emma Stone's currently lighting up the screen in Disney's surprisingly fun 101 Dalmatians reboot/prequel, Cruella. While doing the press tour, she did a zoom interview with Jimmy Kimmel in which she outed herself as a Planes, Trains & Automobiles super fan. She went right into Steve Martin's iconic, F-bomb-filled monologue from the John Hughes classic, absolutely nailing his classically profane tirade at a flustered car rental agency clerk (the famous Edie McClurg). Check it out - Stone nails it.

Which makes me wonder, why hasn't Stone gotten more juicy, R-rated comedies? It seems like a genre she's always nailed, right? Going back to Superbad and Easy-A, Stone's always had comic chops, but she seems to only get cast in "big" movies. Give her a funny director/writer, and R-rating and let her go to town I say!

Do you agree? Should Emma Stone take a break from prestige movies and do something raunchy?

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