Emma Watson and David Yates to team up again for Your Voice In My Head

Emma Watson LeaningDirector David Yates has taken his time picking another project, which is quite understandable after his massive undertaking of the last four Harry Potter movies. At first he was circling an adaptation of Steven King's THE STAND, then a big-screen version of Dr. Who, and then in December we reported that he had officially signed on to YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD, "the story of a young woman who attempts suicide before being saved by a New York-based psychiatrist who’s dying of cancer."  It has been a month and a half now, and it seems that Yates has found an old friend of his to play the young woman: Emma Watson.  While the part of the psychiatrist has yet to be cast, word is that "the studio is aiming high, with names like Tom Hanks and George Clooney in the mix." 

I know that my interest in this project definitely depends on who they get for the role of the psychiatrist, as I suspect that will be the person to either drag this into saccharine-land or add the kind of life and charm that wlll help instead to elevate it.  Then again, honestly I'll gladly see just about anything starring my favorite witch that isn't Helen Mirren in EXCALIBUR.  She's been picking her post-Potter projects very carefully, and I must say that all this teasing has left me terribly excited.

Extra Tidbit: Reportedly Watson was teased while at Brown University for her eagerness in class, as her attitude seemed to rather resemble Hermione's.



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