Emma Watson and Your Voice In My Head have lost director David Yates

Davd Yates directing on Potter

The first post-Potter reunion has officially been cancelled - director David Yates has dropped the Emma Watson-starring YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD for "personal reasons involving a family health situation."  I'm a bit bummed out now as I was actually quite looking forward to this one, since it would have allowed Yates to excercise his technical talents in a different sort of story from HARRY POTTER and Emma Watson to explore a very complex character journey.  

The other potentially sad side of this development is that there's no word on whether Warner Bros will continue to move ahead with the project.  Reportedly it was Yates' interest which in turn sparked the studio's, and without him pushing for it to happen I don't know if it still will.  Only time can tell, I suppose.

Here's Yates' full statement: "Unfortunately, due to conflicting schedules and ongoing commitments in the narrow window I was hoping to make this film, it has become no longer possible for me to direct ‘Your Voice in My Head.’ I am sincerely sorry to be leaving such a fantastic project, and I wish producer Alison Owen and everyone involved the very best for what I am sure will be a distinctive film.”‬

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Extra Tidbit: Emma Watson is easily one of the foxiest young ladies around.
Source: Deadline



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