Emma Watson infiltrates a cult to rescue Daniel Bruhl in new Colonia trailer

There's something about cults which has always interested me, the idea that a person can ignore everything that makes them who they are and completely submit to a most likely insane person who seeks to bend their will in service of their own beliefs. In addition to being both fascinating and terrifying, cults also make for great movie fodder. Florian Gallenberger's COLONIA delves deep into the world of cults as it tells the story of a couple (Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl) as they attempt to escape from Paul Schäfer's (Michael Nyqvist) Colonia Dignidad in Chile. A new trailer for the well-received film has been released and things are looking suitably intense.

Check it out!

A synopsis for COLONIA:

Chile, 1973. Lufthansa flight attendant Lena (Watson) is in Santiago to visit her boyfriend, Daniel (Brühl), a talented graphic artist creating images in support of embattled President Salvador Allende. When Allende is violently ousted, General Augusto Pinochet’s forces begin rounding up dissidents. Daniel is taken to the remote stronghold of Colonia Dignidad (“Dignity Colony”), home to a secret agricultural commune and crypto-fascist sect led by sinister minister Paul Schäfer (Michael Nyqvist). Daniel is interrogated and tortured, but feigns severe mental deterioration to stay alive. Valiant and wily, Lena travels to Colonia and offers herself up to Schäfer as a follower. She is determined to find and free Daniel — but first she must ensure that she herself can survive Schäfer’s crushingly oppressive, viciously misogynistic practices.

COLONIA is set for a April 15, 2016 release.

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