Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence or Blake Lively could be Taylor Lautner's love interest in Incarceron

Apparently Taylor Lautner is a big deal.

The losing side of the TWILIGHT love triangle is booking projects left and right although we have yet to see them. Last year he was the highest paid teenage actor. Fox 2000 and New Regency forked over an 8-digit paycheck each to Lautner. It also looks like Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes as well as two other top producers are eyeing Lautner for projects in 2012. The obsessive/aggressive fans can be the ones to thank for this since they put him in high demand, simply based on the TWILIGHT series alone.

All jealousy and anger aside, the mission right now is to find Lautner's love interest for INCARCERON. Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are all in the running for the role of Claudia in the adaptation of Catherine Fisher’s sci-fi/fantasy novel. Lautner will play, "a character who lives his entire life in a savage and futuristic prison society."

Here's a synopsis of the book from Amazon:

"Finn is a 17-year old prisoner of Incarceron. His memories begin and end there. He knows nothing about his heritage except for vague memories that tease at his mind. The teen is determined to escape the prison fashioned centuries ago as a solution to the chaos created by man. Now Incarceron is self-sustaining and self-perpetuating—prisoners are born there and they die there. Legend claims only one man has ever escaped, Sapphique, and Finn is determined to follow in his steps. Claudia, the warden's daughter, lives sequestered in a castle surrounded by servants. But she, too, longs for escape—from a father who frightens her and from betrothal to an insipid prince. Finn and Claudia each discover a crystal key and are amazed to find that they can communicate with each other. As their trust in one another builds, each pledges to help the other. The two stories emerge, intertwine and, by the end, unwind in startling twists that will astonish listeners."

There's a follow-up to the book called "Sapphique" so a sequel is probably in the plans. Our first look at solo-Lautner will be in September when ABDUCTION releases.

Extra Tidbit: Who bothers you less--Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson? I'm sure a lot of you are equally annoyed by both.
Source: Deadline



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