Emma why ya buggin?

Screen Gems, the fine fellows behind this Friday's PROM NIGHT, is set to reimagine another property. The Sony-based genre studio is set to film a "hip-hop musical reimagining" of Jane Austen's EMMA. While the central plot will remain similar to Austen's tale, it will take play at an inner-city high school, rename the title character Emme (??) and feature 15 song and dance numbers. Now this sounds like something I would never watch but (BUT) if they set it in the mid-80s and made it like a combo of KRUSH GROOVE and EMMA then I'd actually be pumped for it. They could even incorporate classic hip-hop jams like "Mary Mary" or "She's Crafty". But alas this is not the version we will get. This version was inspired by this music video about magic lip gloss (set to a Stefani-esque drum beat). Tyger Williams, who hasn't worked since busting onto the scene with the 1993 classic MENACE II SOCIETY, will write the script for Screen Gems. It's on and poppin friends...

Source: Variety



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