Emma's a Wild Child

Emma Roberts It's a relatively slow news day so let's turn our attention to arguably the leading contender to succeed the Reigning Teen Starlet Throne soon to be vacated by Hilary Duff and should she should rack up a few hospital and rehab stays due to a media-induced drinking-and-whatever-drug- anyone-has-handy problem, Lindsay Lohan. I'm speaking, of course, of Emma Roberts, whose famous aunt Julia had so little to do with her success, it's not even worth mentioning more than twice in any given article about her. Universal and Working Title have tapped the burgeoning starlet to star in the teen comedy WILD CHILD. Written by Lucy Dahl (as in daughter of Roald Dahl - again, that means virtually nothing) and directed by ANGUS helmer Nick Moore, Roberts stars as a spoiled Malibu brat who gets shipped off to boarding school but who's titular personality prompts her to shake things up at the boarding school and teach them a few things about having fun and letting loose. Expect Roberts to do crazy things like walk up to random boys and actually talk to them! Ohmygod, just saying it is making dizzy! Roberts can next be seen as the iconic teen super-detective Nancy Drew in the appropriately titled NANCY DREW.

Extra Tidbit: Check out the first of Roberts' video journals from the set of NANCY DREW in high res (not high def) Quicktime HERE.
Source: Variety



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