Enroll in the full trailer for Pixar's Monster's University, starring John Goodman and Billy Crystal

The full trailer for Pixar's MONSTERS UNIVERSITY has arrived and it's about what you'd expect; playful, witty, and chock full of a garden variety of monsters.  It's not life changing or anything and I doubt this will set your desire to see it on fire, but it's perfectly in line with your standard Pixar fare.  Is that enough, though? 

After last year's "original" film, BRAVE, Pixar left many underwhelmed and hoping for a return to their better work, a la TOY STORY, WALL-E, UP, THE INCREDIBLES, etc., but it seems they dug further into the archives than we may have liked.  MONSTERS UNIVERSITY seemed to get an audible sigh from most fans of their work, especially with it being a prequel.  Of course, they kind of screwed their chances of a sequel after taking away the "scare" aspect of the monsters in the first film. 

Still, this is better than a CARS 3, right?  Returning castmembers John Goodman as Sulley and Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski sound right in line with their original characters' fun banter.  Steve Buscemi is back as Randall Boggs and the new voices of Julia Sweeney, Joel Murray, Michael McKean, and Dave Foley round out the talent for the prequel.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY enrolls in theaters on June 21, 2013.  Bet your ass, in 3D.

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