Enron: The Movie

Technically, the disastrous story of greed and corruption in the energy industry has already been made into a feature length film called ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, but this new Enron movie is based off a Lucy Prebbled-penned play, E.N.R.O.N., that's been selling out in England for some time now, and is looking to head to Broadway soon. Columbia just purchased the screen rights, and Prebble is set to write the script.

Lest you forget what the whole Enron debacle was about in the first place, here’s a quick refresher:

"The play is a story of greed and fraudulent accounting practices that transformed Enron into a powerhouse that at one time employed 22,000 people and reported $111 billion in revenues. The inflated numbers were achieved using accounting loopholes to hide billions in debts and losses from its balance sheet. When the ruse was over, Enron collapsed into bankruptcy. Its leaders were prosecuted and accounting giant Arthur Andersen shuttered."

So picture THE INFORMANT, with less hilarious pudgy Matt Damon and more crippling despair. No word on a cast or director yet, but the project is sure to attract a lot of attention due to its newfound relevance with the current economic meltdown and the recent Bernie Madoff corruption scandal. Start putting out the casting calls for "old, dumpy, white males."

Extra Tidbit: Is there singing? I hope there's singing.
Source: Variety



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