Armenian genocide drama The Promise debuts new, classy poster

The Armenian Genocide is an important, and tragic, event that is not as well-known as you'd think. It was one of the first times in the modern era something like that was attempted (pre-empting the Holocaust and Darfur and many others in the decades to come). So while it's great that this event is coming to light for more people who might not have been aware, I am wary of turning into an old-school historical love-triangle. It's maybe a bit too old-fashioned? Didn't we learn our lesson from PEARL HARBOR? But I love Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale, so I'm willing to give it a shot (and besides, I always enjoy a grand, sweeping epic now and again).

Here's the official synopsis:

THE PROMISE takes place during the Armenian Genocide and tells the story of an Armenian medical student (Isaac) during the final days of the Ottoman Empire. He falls in love with Ana (Le Bon), causing issues with her boyfriend Chris (Bale). The Armenian Genocide resulted in a reported 1.5 million deaths and took place from 1915-1923.

And here's a new poster that just debuted:

Also our main man Chris Bumbray actually reviewed the film for TIFF, so if you want to see what he thought click here!

Meanwhile THE PROMISE, directed by Terry George (HOTEL RWANDA) will premiere in theaters April 21st, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: The Armenian Genocide cost the lives of over a million innocent people.
Source: Open Road Films



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