Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen already have an idea for the sequel to This is the End

If you haven't seen THIS IS THE END, you may want to skip this story. I mean, the title to the movie is THIS IS THE END and we are about to talk about a sequel, so there may be some spoilers from the end of the film you don't want to know just yet. Otherwise, please continue.

THIS IS THE END is a big hit having grossed double it's $32 million budget after two weeks in release. The comedy starring Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and all of their buddies has been both critically praised and a hit with fans. It remains one of the best reviewed movies of the year and has a pretty finite ending. I mean, it is the apocalypse after all. But, when you make that much of a profit, the studios demand sequels.

Screen Daily interviewed co-director Evan Goldberg about the potential for a direct sequel and he shared this:

"We actually talked about doing a sequel where it starts at the premiere of This is the End. Seth’s a cokehead in this version, Michael Cera is a calm dude with a boyfriend, Rihanna and (spoiler cameo ahead) The Backstreet Boys are back."

Goldberg goes on to say that Rogen is not as keen for a sequel, but this idea sounds like it could pretend that THIS IS THE END was a movie the cast made and then make a comedy with a totally different version of their personalities. I love the meta-humor of projects like this and seeing these guys have fun while making a movie beats the hell out of crap like THE WATCH or other comedies that have great casts that just don't gel.

Goldberg and Rogen are next working on the comedy THE INTERVIEW, but hopefully their idea for THIS IS THE END 2 actually comes to fruition.

Source: Screen Daily



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