Evan Rachel Wood to reteam with Thirteen director for erotic thriller

The wonderfully talented and mega hot Evan Rachel Wood is  attached to star in director Catherine Hardwicke's PLUSH, an erotic thriller set in the L.A. music world. This would be the first film the pair have collaborated on since THIRTEEN, in which Wood played a troubled teen who gets involved in drugs, sex, and, of course, shoplifting.

At the time of its release THIRTEEN was considered fairly controversial as Wood was actually thirteen when they filmed it. The film didn't venture into exploitative territory, but definitely pushed the envelope in terms of an underage actress being involved in some of the racier scenes. Wood was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance, as was Holly Hunter, who played her mom in the film.

Since then, both Wood and Hardwicke have moved on to great success, although it's arguable whether or not it's been the success one would expect. Wood isn't exactly a leading lady, but has been involved in a number of high profile projects (TRUE BLOOD, THE WRESTLER). Hardwicke seems to have veered from her indie roots and moved on to big-budget chick flicks (TWILIGHT, RED RIDING HOOD).

It should be a nice return to form for both, something that hopefully reignites the flavor they captured with THIRTEEN. Aside from those details, which are sparse, you just need to keep the words "erotic" and "Evan Rachel Wood" in mind. PLUSH is being shopped at the European Film Market in Berlin and will likely film later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Catch Evan Rachel Wood in Pretty Pursuasion, which finds the actress in a very steamy, conniving, manipulative, sexpot role. So, pretty much Evan Rachel Wood at her best.



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