Even more Toy Story and Cars spinoffs on the way?

After months of rumors, yesterday Disney finally confirmed the existence of PLANES, a direct-to-DVD spinoff of Pixar's CARS franchise. While some thought it was odd that Disney would spinoff a Pixar film without Pixar involvement, it's just the first step in expanding the popular brands you've come to know and love.

In addition to PLANES, Disney chairman Rich Ross hinted at future CARS spinoffs built around other "stuff that kids absolutely love." What exactly would that be? Many have joked since the first rumors of the PLANES movie that a TRAINS movie wouldn't be far behind and that certainly seems like an easy answer. I also wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of construction vehicle movie (and not because I have any hard intel just because kids always seem to love bulldozers and the like).

Also part of the plan is to expand the TOY STORY universe. While it seems that the full-length theatrical life of that franchise is over, Pixar's sister studio in Vancouver is producing a number of short films, much like the "CarsToons" you've seen over the years. The first, "Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation" will see some of the gang recreating a Hawaiian honeymoon for Ken and Barbie. That short will run with CARS 2 this summer. Pixar is also developing another, as-yet-unknown TOY STORY-themed short that will run with THE MUPPETS this November. (And speaking of "CarsToons," they're in production on the 10th CARS short as we speak.)

As previously announced, Pixar has MONSTERS INC. 2 also on the way and it's highly likely you'll see some sort of shorts involving Mike and Sully in the future as well.

Source: Variety



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