Even more Transformers

I actually feel guilty about writing this because it was just yesterday that was supposed to be the final day of unified worship before the movie drops in about a month and a half. But thing is, there's apparently another two trailers, one being the International trailer, which is very marginally different, and the other (which is being shown before SHREK 3) reportedly features a lot of new footage! /Film has the International trailer, and FirstShowing has a breakdown of the trailer that is with SHREK.

I'd also like to address what people think about Shia Labeouf, especially because we get to see a bit more of him in the International trailer, talking to Optimus Prime outside his window. I really like the guy. I'll be honest, I didn't like him when he was doing HOLES, CHARLIE'S ANGELS and such, but he's really turned me around and I really thought his '...they're probably Japanese' line was funny. Either way, I call for universal support for Shia. He's the man!
Extra Tidbit: I'd like to think it's just the TRANSFORMERS haters that are ragging on Shia.
Source: /FilmFirst Showing



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