Even the director of the Legend of Zelda games wants a movie adaptation

With all the crappy games being adapted into crappy movies, I'm still a little shocked that "The Legend of Zelda," probably one of the best video game franchises of all-time, still hasn't been made into a movie. Nintendo has been fiercely protective of the rights and despite numerous courtships over the years, has turned down all comers. But why? Are they still feeling burned over SUPER MARIO BROS? I think we can all admit we'd love to see a big-budget ZELDA movie and that includes the game's director Eiji Aonuma.

Aonuma, who has directed all of the "Zelda" games dating back to "Ocarina of Time," told Nintendo Power that he dreams of a movie based on the games. "I always thought it would be really cool to have a real Zelda movie, something really grand and sweeping," Aonuma said.

The problem is that "Zelda" is one of Nintendo's flagship properties and one highly respected within the gaming industry. Since the games are so well-received ("Ocarina" is still rightly regarded as one of the best video games of all-time), perhaps Nintendo is nervous about tarnishing the game's legacy and would want to exert an exceptional amount of creative control over the final product (something that wound up killing the HALO movie at Fox and Universal).

But Aonuma is just like all those cosplaying fans who make their own "Zelda" fan films. "There are those days when I fantasize about how cool it would be if [a movie] would happen sometime in the future." It doesn't seem like it's happening any time in our near future but maybe Aonuma (who is hard at work developing the next "Zelda" game, "Skyward Swords") can help convince Nintendo it's the right move.

Source: Zelda Informer



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