Every character is here to grace the final Beauty and the Beast poster

On March 17 we will be treated to what will most likely be the first truly massive movie of 2017, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The latest of the live-action Disney adaptations could be their biggest yet, especially after JUNGLE BOOK blew away expectations last year. This movie already ranks high on many folks’ “most anticipated” lists, and I’m sure their excitement levels have just been kicked up a notch thanks to the new, final poster that just dropped.

Have a looksee!

The image came via the movie’s Twitter page advertising a new look at the movie that will air during the Golden Globes tonight (which we will be covering live). This poster is clearly just a taste, and hopefully we will see a bunch of new footage (hopefully with less of the creepy teapot).

I, like many, am anxious to see how this movie fares alongside other recent live-action Disney remakes. My anticipation has been dulled slightly seeing as how closely they’ve been trying to stick to the look of the animated version, but hopefully that’s just stuff they’re showing in the trailers, and that movie does enough to stand on its own two feet…or beast paws, rather.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is set for March 17 with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor and more.

Source: DisneyTwitter



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