Evil spirits are about in new Annabelle 2 trailer

As Warner Bros. begins to include more and more films into their CONJURING universe, the breadth of creepy beings getting their own movies will grow. We have THE NUN on the way, as well as THE CROOKED MAN. The original skin-crawling side character from the series, the Annabelle doll, is gearing up for her second movie, which just dropped a new trailer. As is the case in a movie about a demon doll there’s lots of people flying around and getting dragged down wells.

Horror trailers almost never do it for me. The marketers have to include mostly out-of-context jump scares, if only to lure in scare-craving teens, making the movie look corny and lazy. In recent years directors have been stepping up their game, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the sequels coming out. Last year’s OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL had eye-roll-worthy trailers, but the movie was actually solid and vastly different from what was being sold. So maybe ANNABELLE 2 can do the same. The title doesn't help things.

ANNABELLE: CREATION arrives August 11.

Source: Warner Bros.



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