Ex. Jessica Rothe, Christopher Landon and More talk Happy Death Day 2U!

When I first saw HAPPY DEATH DAY, I was more than a little impressed. This clever take on a slasher film meets GROUNDHOG DAY was a satisfyingly cool flick with a fantastic leading lady courtesy of Jessica Rothe. For the sequel, director Christopher Landon is back - this time he is credited with the screenplay as well - and once again this series takes a uniquely enjoyable turn. As for Rothe, as impressive as she was the last time, her work her is rather exceptional. In fact, the actress brings a new level of heart and humor as the poor woman destined to live this fateful day over, and over, and over, and over again.

Now that they are back, we had the opportunity to once again chat with the cast of HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U. This time, we had a few new things to talk about with Jessica and her co-star Israel Broussard. For Ms. Rothe, this incredible talent talked about getting to expand on the humor, as well as the heartbreak of her character. For Israel, the actor also had the chance to expand on his original role in a charmingly fun way. As well, the two talked about how big a part BACK TO THE FUTURE is for the latest, and working with a director with such an expansive horror and film knowledge.

Next up, we spoke once again to Landon and producer extraordinaire Jason Blum. Christopher discussed expanding the world and adding a few sci-fi elements into the mix. The filmmaker also opened up about where the idea for the sequel began. For Blum, he was sure to remind me that he told us all this would be an awesome franchise. And he was right. What is inspiring about Jason, and the filmmakers he surrounds himself with, is his passion for movies. And it shows here. HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U is a fresh take on a what is becoming one of the most entertaining genre film franchises' of late. And I for one look forward to more.

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U opens today, and it's well worth the return.

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