Ex. Pratt, Banks, Lord, Miller, Haddish & More talk The Lego Movie 2!

The first time that I experienced THE LEGO MOVIE, I developed an instant love for all the wonderfully charming LEGO characters. However, when the sequel came along, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Could they recreate the magic in a satisfying way? Would the filmmakers have the creativity and heart that would once again make a great animated feature that the young and old can enjoy? Happily, they did. THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART is a delightful continuation with a hint of MAD MAX, as well as a bright and beautiful world ruled by Queen Watevra Wa ‘Nabi that is charmingly inventive. With all the returning characters, and a few terrific new voices along for the ride, this sequel is everything that I’d hoped it would be. Yes, everything is still... you know what I'm saying.

Recently, we had the chance to chat with the cast of THE LEGO MOVIE 2, and it was an absolute blast. And of course, both Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pratt are back as Wyldstyle and Emmet Brickowski. The two actors couldn’t have been nicer, and it certainly was an easy sell for them to return once they read the script. With a terrific story and a chance to let these two characters grow, both of these talented actors loved the concept of this second chapter. As well, the two talked about adding the musical aspect, and how Pratt found his voice for playing Rex Dangervest.

As a fan of both Will Arnett and Tiffany Haddish, I was thrilled to sit with these two extremely funny people and I was not disappointed. However, it is hard to tell you exactly what we talked about because this conversation went all over the place. The myriad of subjects included making their own award show, musical numbers and just how serious the relationship between Queen Watevra and Batman would be like - I believe the discussion went on to talk about the two characters having a ton of babies or something like that. It may have been a crazy conversation, but it was a fun one.

Things got a little more serious when it came to talking to the filmmakers involved. We spoke to Mike Mitchell, the film’s director, and the animation director, Trisha Gum. The two discussed the look of the film, and how they expanded the LEGO landscape into a number of new and exciting worlds. Meanwhile, the incredible talents Christopher Miller and Phil Lord chatted about expanding the sequel into yet another familiar and funny family tale. The two discussed the new family member amd how sibling rivalry became a part of this playful and imaginative world. They also opened up about a few other new elements and how they worked within this awesome sequel.

And finally, we finished off our talk with a couple of Lego vets, as well as newcomer, Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine). For Beatriz, she was very excited when it came to stepping into this world and bringing General Mayhem to life. She also talked about the collaborative energy that came with this project.

THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART is hilarious, with a huge heart, and about as good of a sequel as you could expect. And this Friday, you can finally get that “Catchy Song” stuck inside your head. It’s totally worth it.

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